We provide a professional and personal service to each of our clients. To this end, we work closely on every uk property search from the outset.

By doing this, we minimise the amount of time you need to spend to as much as you wish.

Once you have engaged us, our uk home buying services will include:

  • Sourcing a selection of suitable residential properties for you to buy within your available budget;
  • Preparing a recommended shortlist of available properties and taking you to see them;
  • negotiating on your behalf with the owner or his agent all of the commercial and practical terms of the purchase;
  • reviewing the purchase agreement with a local lawyer;
  • ensuring a smooth and seamless completion of your purchase within a realistic timetable –  typically eight to twelve weeks from the time you have chosen a property which you wish to buy.

For a one-off additional fee, we will:

  • register you with the utility companies supplying electricity, gas and water and with the phone companies who offer telephone and broadband services to your home;
  • enrol you with the appropriate local government authority for the payment of local council tax . This is collected to pay for local services such as education, rubbish collection, care for the elderly, the police and fire services. The average annual cost of Council Tax is about £1,500.00 depending on the location and value of the property;
  • arrange for a government television licence (TV licensing agency) to be issued in your name permitting you to watch “free to air” television channels in your English home it is an offence to have a television receiver in your home without a current television licence which presently costs £145.50 for 12 months;
  • if required, obtain a television subscription to enable you to enjoy satellite or cable television programming.