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On-going Management Service

Should you require it, we offer a comprehensive, on-going management service at a realistic cost to ensure that throughout your stay in the UK, routine and exceptional tasks and responsibilities are taken care of by us on your behalf.

Our UK based property management service would include:

  • Liaising on your behalf with your landlord or his agent as required during the term of your tenancy;
  • Paying your utility bills for gas, electricity, water, telephone and broadband services as they fall due for payment;
  • Locating cleaners, gardeners and other contractors as you may from time to time require;
  • Applying on your behalf for all necessary insurances including household contents, medical, travel and motor policies;
  • Assisting you to open a UK bank account;
  • Helping you to rent or purchase a motor vehicle during your stay.

If you have a full and valid driving licence you can drive any type of vehicle listed on your licence for 12 months from the date on which you last entered the UK.

But if your current stay in the UK exceeds 12 months you will at the end of that period be obliged to pass the UK driving test (theory and practical) and obtain a British driving licence.

We can arrange driving lessons for you to prepare you for the UK driving test.