Private Tutors – your child’s key to academic success

In today’s competitive world, more and more students find themselves chasing the limited places available at the best UK schools, colleges and universities.

To help them achieve their goal, we have developed close links with the best UK educational agencies and, in many cases, directly with individual tutors qualified to give the extra tuition essential to ensure that your child secures the offer he or she desires and deserves.

What to expect from a private tutor

  • A detailed knowledge of the syllabus
  • Developed communication skills
  • Good study and revision techniques
  • Patience and approachability
  • Accurate and valuable feedback to parents
  • Above all, enthusiasm

Main Duties of a Private Tutor

  • Planning individual lessons and overall schemes of work for the student
  • Developing knowledge of materials for the student at different stages of development
  • Arranging lesson schedules and entering the student for examinations
  • Working alongside classroom teachers on teaching activities
  • Preparing the student for examinations and interviews;
  • Supporting the student in the use of technology and keeping up to date with major software tools
  • Communicating with parents about the student’s progress

Why use us?

  • DPA are based in the UK and only work with the leading providers of private tuition.
  • We handpick the best tutors on behalf of the students we represent.
  • We offer a full search and selection programme that will give you peace of mind that all interviews, reference checks and paperwork have been done before we recommend a tutor to you.
  • The tutors we select are professional, experienced and committed to ensuring your child’s success.

Our fees

We have a competitive and transparent fee structure for private tuition searches, full details of which are available on request