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Why use us?

Our clients are busy people, usually (but not always) based in another country, who need the reassurance that their child’s educational needs whilst in the UK are managed professionally, efficiently and effectively.

We have built an education consultancy service to meet those specific demands:

  • We specialise in all the desirable UK educational establishments
  • We have a unique network of commercial and private contacts to ensure that we know about every possible academic insitution which might fit your brief, often including specialist schools which are not widely publicised
  • We and the professionals we work with can minimise your need to attend to matters relating to your child’s education and pastoral care by taking on the responsibility for all aspects of his or her stay in the UK.
  • We have a clear insight into the needs of individual families, particularly those whose children are coming to study in the UK from the Russian Federation and neighbouring states.
  • We can work to your schedule, and are often able to handle urgent requests if required.