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Under UK and Irish law (the Children Acts 1980 & 1989), and to comply with The UK Visa & Immigration regulations on safeguarding every student under the age of 16 who is receiving full-time education for more than 12 weeks per year must have a legally appointed education guardian, aged over 25 years of age, available in the UK.

Indeed, although not required by law, most UK boarding schools still require a guardian until students reach the age of 18.

The UK-based Education Guardian’s role is to represent the student’s parents by providing general support to the student during the academic year.

The Education Guardian’s role includes:

  • being a local point of contact for both the student’s academic establishment and the student’s parents;
  • organising travel arrangements and home stays for students between terms and at exeats;
  • attending parents’ evenings when required; and
  • being available 24/7 in case of an emergency.

Here at DPA we have many years experience in this role and represent families who are happy to entrust their children’s welfare to us whilst they are studying in the UK.