I formed DPA Agency back in 2013 initially to serve the needs of international clients seeking UK residential property either for their personal use or as part of a broader investment portfolio.

I read Mechanical Engineering at the University of Tomsk and after gaining my BSc degree worked for some time in my chosen profession.

I relocated to Moscow and, after a stint at the British Council, joined ITEC, then and now a prominent Moscow-based agency which helps to place students in secondary schools and higher education institutions abroad and, where required, to source suitable private tutors to give them additional personal support in their study programmes.

My personal contacts within the British residential market and with academia, first established when I worked at the British Council and at ITEC, make me ideally qualified now to offer families and individuals comprehensive guidance and advice in these areas.

DPA’s range of services has broadened considerably since its inception so that we now offer a comprehensive personal residential propertyconsultancy service to our clients all the way from initial brief through to successful rental, purchase or sale, handling all of the practical and domestic issues which apply to clients considering a residential property transaction in the UK.

I am proud of the reputation that DPA has earned from its increasingly diverse clientele over the first six years of its existence.